AËDLE Audio Distribution Austria

Improved in every way, the VK-2 aims to become the new reference for audiophiles on the go.

With its enhanced 40 mm Titanium diaphragm custom drivers and reviewed acoustic chamber, the VK-2 delivers precise and warm lows while offering highly refined highs to render a fully immersive sound signature, with outstanding stereo imaging.

Handcrafted in our Parisian workshop, the VK-2 comes with our signature machined aluminum housing and the finest Lambskin Leather from South of France for elegant and comfortable wearing.

The VK-2 is foldable flat* and comes with Detachable Magnets Earpads* and Detachable Cable featuring

a remote and microphone fully compatible with iOS & Android.



The headphones and products are carefully handcrafted in the Parisian workshop, Rue Campagne Première. From leather work to audio quality control, aedle works hard to deliver ones of the most refined headphones on earth.

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